Saturday, May 22, 2010

Fast update from last night

Written night of Friday May 21, 2010

Short update
  • Second highlight of the day today (the first being the trip to the two schools mentioned in the last blog post) was a story retold by Larry who was working on building a school. Classes are currently being taught in a tent right next to the new building. As Larry stopped to take a picture on his hi-tech disposable camera, one little girl was peaking through the fence. He asked her is that was going to be her new school. She responded very loudly, “YES THAT IS MY SCHOOL”.  It made me smile.
  • Our team made much progress on rubbling today.  
  • Of our group, Jerry and I are going back to the rubbling team and Larry is again building a new school. Carrie is gardening on the HODR site and playing with kids on site.
  • The nightly meetings get long when there are so many volunteers. Today my phone went off. Given that only two people know the number I was really surprised and slightly embarrassed. Jerry knows the number and he was sitting next to me, and Wesley who bought the SIM card (but not yet the one needed for international?) and has been working with us clearing his house. He was calling to apologize that he had missed the afternoon's work and to share that his band (pre earthquake he was a college student and was paid occasionally to perform at local clubs). Partially at Kate's urging, the group had cut a new CD which he wants us to listen to.
  • Thought we had the phone thing figured out, but not yet. (see above)
  • Really bored at night. And night comes early here...gets dark at about 6:40...
  • Very much untired. The combo of extra sleep and poor workouts have definitely countered the work and heat.
  • Looking forward to a smoothie. I love beans and rice and probably not all that bad for you (could be worse). We often have salads but I am afraid to eat them.
  • On our rubble crew today: a doctor to be from Texas, a chemistry professor (Jerry), a MBA (Carrie), a management grad from Texas A&M who just got admitted for an MBA at American University, two UNC students, a graduate from University of Florida, a history major from AZ, someone from South Africa, England, and Australia, oh and a FinanceProfessor.
  • There should be signs everywhere in Haiti saying “It's the Economy Stupid” Jobs are the biggest need by several orders of magnitude. Without them, even if somehow all of the rubble somehow magically disappeared tomorrow, the majority of the people could still not afford to rebuild.
  • Rained really hard tonight with more expected in the next few days.

Update:  rain stopped sometime after midnight.  Felt almost cool sleeping.  

Longer run this AM.  Running is not good here by any stretch.  That said, today was the first day I had seen any other runners (besides Carrie).  4 or 5 Haitians ran by the camp.

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