Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Haiti Update Day 5 (by Katie) « Philip Kiracofe · Adventure Capitalist

another great update! Be sure to read the whole thing!

Haiti Update Day 5 (by Katie) « Philip Kiracofe · Adventure Capitalist:
"I want to devote a special paragraph here to the gentleman of St. Bonaventure for providing non-stop commentary, singing, laughter, games and Michael Jackson squealing all day long. All day. The whole time. They are karaoke on wheels. Plus, Rob was suffering from heat exhaustion yesterday (revived by Philip’s Cytomax and Cliff Shots—TriLifers, roll your eyes here), and what I thought was a really subdued, quiet guy from a farm in upstate is now a singing machine. With Phil at the wheel, there are now scores of Haitian children running around screaming “Jamona” (a phonetic spelling of a Jackson exhortation). The Bona guys also taught them red-light, green-light and how to skip rope. You have these moments when your back is breaking, it’s ridiculously hot and you feel like you’ve pushed the wheelbarrow a zillion times—and as much as you want to take a sledgehammer and go John Henry on one of them, all of a sudden a little Haitian kid grabs his crotch and does a Thriller spin—with big, hairy Phil next to him and it’s pretty impossible not to smile through the sweat, sunscreen, and Deet. Again, that’s something I wouldn’t be able to bring to the table—I guess we call it a Team (Baby Jesus) for a reason."

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