Sunday, February 28, 2010

Watching the Gold Medal Game in Haiti and more

Sunday in Haiti is not a work day, so today the crew had a day off. Here is their email from today:

Another update from TJ, Rob, and Phil:

"First we will begin with last night: we all traveled to the tiki hut with disco ball and had some Colt 45s outta the can. (mMMMMMmmm America!) We danced the night away with a Haitian in a cowboy hat and taught him and his friends the fist pump (because Jersey Shore needs to be brought to Haiti). There was a black light, disco ball, and wild dogs and hogs running about... pretty much the Haitian version of Fosters (pigs included) (Fosters is a local bar near SBU).

We made our way back to base before lights out at 10 and had our way with a cornucopia of powerbars.
This morning, we rose to the sounds of 1000 screaming hens and roosters. The morning air was cool, and the smell of burning garbage was rich in the air. TJ, Rob, and Phil couldn't get on the crowded "tap-tap" to the beach in the morning so we decided to have a walking adventure around the city. It began on motorcycles where we learned that you can in fact fit 4 people on a bike. Then, we exchanged our US money for Haitian Gourds... WE ARE RICH MEN! We met up with the other Phil, his girlfriend, and Ben to wander about the city. We were greeted by a full petting zoo of pigs, dogs, a cat, roosters, and one cow. (E-I-E-I-O). Also, dogs travel in packs here!

We found a kid playing "Frer iz jac ah" on the trumpet and rob learned that is a french song :). We stopped at the Canadian Army base talking smack about the game tonight. Rob played Frisbee with some Haitian kiddos.

The other Phil got interviewed by a lady from Brooklyn (?) ..... Eventually we were nearing our base camp and stopped for some delicious Haitian style egg sandwiches. Little girls laughed at the tape on Rob's boot. Some other kids had a home made kite that hit us in the face. Then nap time!!!
We woke up (Phil, 4 hours later) and drew lots with the rest of the volunteers to go to watch the Canada/USA hockey game back at the Canadian base. BTW TJ is now the master of the tight rope/slack line. Rob and Phil went to the base for the game, TJ went to the beach.
At the base, we entered half way through the 2nd period. At the gate the soldier asked "Are you here for the game of hockey??" We had to watch in their mess tent which was like a sauna! Nothing like sweaty men and the coldest game on ice! After we lost in OT, the Canadians fed us hot dogs and all was well. As we boarded our "tap-tap" a group of the men shouted "Wait! you forgot your silver medals!". Phil road shotgun back to camp as people on the side of the road asked for the score :(.
During this time, TJ went on a walk with other Phil, his girlfriend, and the girl form India. They walked about 5 miles with everyone shouting "Blah" or something and were followed the entire way by small groups of children. Stopped by some German water treatment plants and made our way into an IDP camp and met some more Hatians.
After taking a left 2 more miles down the road TJ came to the beach. A young Haitian woman led us there. After arriving we walked down the beach where thousands of conch shells lay in walls protecting the houses from high tide. Fishermen were busy and a group of about 10 children were constantly asking for their pictures taken as they posed. (The Haitian Grandma was not afraid to get down to the birthday suit for a bath).

We made our way back, waving down a taxi that was a rip off but comparably still very cheap.
We all assembled on the roof to exchange our afternoon experiences and saw this as a sign to never split paths again. Who knows what this night will hold. All we know is that we are having pancakes for breakfast.
As for our appearance, Tj still looks like a skin head, Rob is rockin the rambo look(probably scaring the **** out of a lot of Haitians) and Phil reminds those of the seventies porno industry.

Until next time. (*****) Haiti chapter out!!!
P.S. Heard about Sister Margaret's letter about us that was sent to everyone. Better than making the notice board! Respect!"

The Letter from Sister Margaret (who is the president of St. Bonaventure) to which they refer went to parents of all students. The letter's purpose was to disown the trip and to say that the University did not sanction the trip. This view was why it was not an official BonaResponds trip and why we created of JustRespond for this and future trips.

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